Weird Watch Reviews: The Eone Bradley Watch

In today’s busy world of ground breaking innovations, sometimes all it takes is a good reason and a useful design for something actually cool and praiseworthy to invent. The Eone Bradley timepiece is reasonably priced, comfortable, looks confidently refreshing. And is overall a watch that I was eager to review the instant I first saw it earlier this year. And that’s my first meeting with the brand on the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair, 2015.

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The Eone Bradley watch (as I just a moment ago learned, this is pronounced as the letter “e” and the number 1) was formerly designed to put up with both seeing and visualization impaired users equally. Since the Bradley doesn’t need vision to tell time, Eone likes to call it a timekeeper and not a watch. But no matter what we title it, the Eone Bradley is a great substitute for those searching for something that goes way past your everyday fashion watch.


1. Make: Eone (as E-1)
2. Model: Bradley
3. Price: $285 — $335.
4. Size: 40mm (Width)
5. Would reviewer personally wear it? -Yes
6. For whom we’d recommend it to first: The one searching for a cool, genuinely latest watch without flushing his bank.
7. Best thing of the watch: Resourceful, dependable, highly understandable design with a thoughtful and amusing element in it.
8. Worst thing of the watch: More size, color and dial functions would be great to have.


The watch is titled after Bradley Snyder, an ex-naval officer who lost his vision in a detonation blast in Afghanistan at 2011. And proving his unbelievable power of will, went on to compete in and earn gold and silver medals in swimming at the 2012 Paralympics in UK. Eone says that Bradley was the encouragement for the Eone Bradley watch. And that they have worked along with him and others with visual impairments. Because the idea was to create a timepiece that allowed them to easily tell the time. And they successfully did it with this knock off watch.


And lastly, let’s talk about the design. There is a variety of dial color and strap color selections to select from. Its design is somewhat unisex in the point that- just by changing the strap to a different color or material significantly changes its look. The Eone Bradley is not a top notch watch by any expanse of imagination. But it is a very remarkable watch for anyone who’s been looking to buy a fashion watch for everyday wear.

-Jessica Jefferson