Yesterday, the Moon.

I left work, looking everywhere in the Sky, but she was hidding behind those oh so many buildings. I was thinking of people in the Desert of Mongolia, in the Mountains of India, who would probably see Her as big and bright as I have never seen Her so far. SuperMoon, 28 000 km closer than usually. I was getting worried, She was slowly going away from us and I felt in a hurry to find Her. Finally, I see Her light. And then She appeared, She really did, between two buildings way too close from each other. God. In the past few days, I’ve been so excited, horny, happy, awake, loving. She affects me, she affects everything. I look, I stare really, I don’t get bored of those subtle clouds slowly revealing the beauty of the Goddess of the nights and I cannot deny the effects She has on me.

And then, I looked around me. People. Walking. We are in Berlin, we are not in Paris, London, New York. Berlin! People have time, space. Why don’t they look at the Sky? I am surprised that not everyone is looking up, as naive as it sounds. I am sad, even. Confused. What about those people who live in the Deserts, the Mountains? Did they look at Her? I am sure they did. What happened to us, here, in the cities?

People were looking at me for standing and staring at the Sky, instead of simply raising their eyes to the Obvious.