“Support shouldn’t be a forever thing. You can only have people yell at something that’s not your fault for so long before you go bananas,
Those Entry-Level Startup Jobs? They’re Now Mostly Dead Ends in the Boondocks
Lauren Smiley

This can be true if you work in an organization that just doesn’t “get” or respect customer service and the massive value it can provide — insights on what product should be building, data (ideas, kuddos, improvements), and mainly relationship building. They are the front line reps shaping what your customers think of your brand as a whole, and people will be loyal to a company who treats them nicely, no b.s. scripts but refreshing transparency.

You can make support a forever thing when you stop seeing it as a “ticket center” or “call center” and start thinking of it as a customer advocacy department, customer champion center. Whatever you call it, the agents need to be empowered and they must have a seat at the table. They should be deeply immersed in the product feedback cycle. That is the difference between a “nowhere” gig where you are overworked on little pay, and a place you want to grow with. If you are isolated, lack autonomy, or are treated like a “lesser” part of the team, start looking for the companies that understand that support has far evolved. They are few but they exist.

I see it as a permanent thing. I deliberately moved into support and find it rewarding, mostly because most people do it badly. I have a shot of being the best of the best, and my company “gets” it.