12 months ago, under the Obama administration, the 2015 terrorism act was enacted. It denied travel to the USA using an Esta for people who had visited or were dual citizens of a number of random countries. I could no longer visit some of the people I love and care about most, it felt like my world had been torn out from beneath me. Sure I could try and apply for a visa, but given my history this may not be approved. It took me weeks to even start coming to terms with being unable to travel to Texas, Florida, Connecticut. And to this day I still sometimes cry at the thought of this.

But that is absolutely nothing compared to what the Tr*mp administration this week.

Being denied a visit to loved ones is nothing compared to being denied the ability to return to somewhere you have made your home. I can't even imagine being denied return entry to my home country.

Now is not the time to trust politicians or middle of the road charities; it's time to practice mutual aid and organise.

I don't know how to do that at the scale that is required, but I will continue to directly support those in need, and I will continue to fight the normalisation of racism and hate.

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