Divide and degrade

I have seen people sharing this misleading and divisive comparison. It is nothing but a loaded meme that flattens two complex issues and sows discord, rather than constructively contributing to the cause of worker rights and fair treatment.
My first frustration is that it portrays pay increases and working practice changes as having an either/or dynamic. It plants the idea that we can have better working conditions for doctors or pay increase for tram drivers. This is simply not true, it’s never going to be a case that tram drivers get a rise at the expense of doctors not getting fairer treatment or visa versa. The two issues are different and at arms length from each other. There is room and capacity for a compromise on one or both sides. Their always is with labour disputes. 
My second concern with the comparison is it does not contribute to worker solidarity. Historically one of the greatest aspects of unions and industrial action is the ability for workers to show solidarity towards one another and fight for the same cause of workers rights, this image damages the fabric of solidarity and encourages people to take a side. A considerable amount of posts and responses online are shaming the Luas drivers, claiming they aren’t entitled to raise their concerns because doctors are working long days, this is as nonsense as it sounds.
In short, I would advise everyone think deeper about content they come across and do not take things at face value, everything you see and read was created for a reason and to fulfill an agenda, nothing is every truly unbiased.
There is always more to an issue than a meme can ever portray, don’t be the person who likes and shares a falsehood that is damaging to workers rights and degrades solidarity.