An Experience I will Never Forget.

Most people don’t know what they have until 1: it’s gone, or 2: they aren’t able to appreciate it. I on the other hand (like most of us) fall somewhere in between both. We can’t help it, we’re human.

Over the last weekend (September 30th) I was reminded that I was blessed with all five of my senses (touch, hearing, smell, taste, sight), good physical health, and mentally healthy.

September 30th, 2017 started like an other day. My alarm went off at 7 am, I showered, cleaned my room, packed my car and headed to Hollister. When I got there I went to breakfast with my mom and brother, went grocery shopping, cleaned my car, and packed my car to leave for the night. I met up with my friends, we ate at Chilis, and then we got to the hotel and got ready for Jason Aldean.

Once ready we called an uber, he was an elder gentleman who was friendly. He held small talk, but turned down our request for music. “ I’m much to old to listen to music” he said while laughing. The four of us laughed and kept up the small talk with him.

Once we got dropped off at the concert we hit the restrooms, the bar, and found a place to hang on the lawn. The liquor was poured, the music started, and the party began. The evening was filled with laughter, dancing, singing out hearts out, and cheering. By the end of the concert we were all feeling good and ready to keep the party going.

Uber # 2: It took us a solid hour to find a ride back to the hotel. When we finally found one, uber cautioned us that our driver might be hard of hearing. We weren’t sure if that meant he couldn’t hear well, or couldn't hear at all. At this point we did not care who picked us up, but we were also excited to meet a partially-fully deaf uber driver. Once we found our uber he greeted us with a large smile and an excited wave, I responded with signing HI to him. We realized at that point that he was fully deaf, and we carried on in usual friendly conversation. Half way through the ride he looked and me and motioned to the radio. I touched the dial, he smiled and gave me“raise the roof” hand signals. So I adjusted the radio to the nearest pop station. At the end of the ride I smiled and shook his hand.

I left that uber feeling excited for such a pleasant experience. Our driver made sure to communicate with us, made sure we were comfortable; putting music on, and he drove off with a wave and a large smile on his face. I also felt extremely happy that uber gives people with disabilities the opportunity to work for them. It warms my heart to see diversity, equality, optimism, and acceptance. Note: I know uber is not all fair and has it’s faults, like the legal issues they are dealing with now in Europe. I am just appreciating and documenting an amazing experience that I had.

Monday morning 8 am October 2nd, 2017. I had just gotten to my first and only class of the day, I sat down, heard whispers, and then got a text from my mother. It read “Have you heard about the Jason Aldean concert?” I instantly googled in and my heart,


How could this happen? Why did this happen?

While we do not have a concrete answer, my heart still bleeds heavy for all of those who were affected. The purpose of a concert is to be a joyous occasion where people gather to see their favorite artists preform live. Why ruin a good thing? While some reports have been made, and we have come to some conclusion we are still lost on how this happened.

Future: Hoping for optimism, acceptance, and love. Stop the attacks.


XOXO Allie.