It all started with “ You should write a book..

..someday”. At first I felted honored that my parents would think of me as a writer…I am not sure which parent to be exact. I laughed, naturally and said “Okay, and why is that?” My mother told me that a paper that she edited of mine from a few years before was written so detailed that she thought it was true. I made up the whole paper. To be fair I have extensive training in writing fiction stories, I use to spend most of my time writing short stories as a child. I was in love with the Jonas brothers (just like every other girl my age) for 5 years. I had an old friend that would write stories about their lives with me. That is what really sparked my love for writing.

Before I get ahead of myself, My name is Allison but I prefer to be called Allie. I am 23 years old and I have just finished my associates degree (Communication nation AYO!) at Gavilan College in Gilroy, CA. From there I transferred to CSU Monterey Bay to study Human Communications with a concentration in Women’s Studies. #Feminismisforeveryone Currently I am in the second semester at CSUMB and I love it here!

When I first picked my concentration I was proud of myself and I felt eager to share my excitement with my friends and family. I was naive to the fact that no one was going to share my excitement with me because they did not know what being a women’s studies major is. With some education came an understanding and the return of the reciprocated excitement. So I can now openly say that I am a Feminist and I am proud of it (fight me).

Along with moving on to a new college I moved to a new town, new home, new relationship status, new family, new job location….New New New. I feel like my whole world did a 180 and I was thrown into the ocean without a surf board. How do I stay a float when I spend every day being overwhelmingly confused? How do I keep on keeping on when I don’t know what day it is? My answer: Don’t think just do….

And with that I have done. So far I feel like I have overcome my fears of moving out, making new friends, and putting myself out there. My family, friends, peers, and new friends have given me the strength to keep going everyday SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: DAD, MOM, WILL,TOM, YESENIA, ANGRY GARBAGE CAT.

Everyday my classes seem to go by faster and faster, the assignments fly by, they stack up quickly, and work is a fun blurr. Work for me is just running around as a kid with kids for 4–6 hours a day (yes it does get tiring). When I got tired of it I moved on to a restaurant and office job in Carmel ( Still a lot of running around). However, I have kept my head above water as I approach the middle of my second semester of upper division classes…..

This is what I would have posted if I felt like I could finish there…..

Currently it is September 27, 2017; blog one officially posts today, A.K.A. judgement day. I am in my 3rd official semester at CSUMB (I also took winter and summer). I currently feel confident, relaxed, and ready; all the emotions I have been lacking for the last year. It is wild how fast things change in such little time. But I am thankful for every lesson and experience.

My second post will be about 10 things I wish I was able to tell myself a year ago. This is from the prompt “ 10 things I want to say..” , taken from my creative writing class. I feel that the advice that I want to give myself could also be helpful for others.

For a long time I have been quiet when I should not be, I have said things at the wrong time, and I have been completely misunderstood. I hope that “medium” will be my place to express myself in an artistic manner. Whether it is through blogs, journal entries, poetry, or flat out angry rants… (;

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