So you agree that the distinction matters.
Steven Macks

No, I don’t agree the distinction matters.

That’s what I was actually being glib about in my first response. You’re willfully misinterpreting what he means by “public space.” The only thing required to avoid “disastrous misunderstandings” is to read that phrase in context.

If the entire article was just that one statement — “Explain that this is a public space, and they can either conform to the expected standards of behavior or they can leave.” — with no reference to what “this” is, then yes, you’d have an argument worth pursuing. But basic reading comprehension means that you know he’s talking about a gaming table, at a convention, that absolutely does have standards of behavior you can invoke and is not a road, park, beach, etc.

But hey, diverting the topic is another classic trolling technique, so hats off.

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