“no matter how much you want it to not be true”

You’re the only person suggesting that I don’t believe you. I understand that English is not your first language, but working extra hard for reading comprehension should be your first priority when opening a dialogue like this instead of immediately lashing out based on what you assume the other person is saying.

From my perspective though, it sounds like you already have a running dialogue of “you vs. the world” when it comes to your experience, that overrides anything anyone actually says to you with a script that you’ve invented.

For the record, sexual assault on males by females is absolutely a real (and under-reported) thing. Does it happen in the hobby? Undoubtedly. Nobody, not the OP, not me, is saying otherwise.

But you’re so wrapped up in your “offense” over “stereotypes” (?) that you are reading a completely different message of oppression and censure out of this article, which is ironically the exact opposite of what it is supposed to be and doesn’t exist anywhere but your own head.

Just imagine “The monster” that the article describes. What happens if one guy has weird mannerisms and some people feel unconfortable about it EVEN if he doesn’t do anything wrong? Should we assume the woman (Because It’s clear by your response that you will ignore it if the claim came from another man) has been harassed automatically?

What do you even mean by this? “Weird” mannerisms that invade the personal boundaries of another person are absolutely the problem and are wrong, full stop, regardless of gender. You’re literally excusing them by calling them “weird,” which to you just means misunderstood. You don’t understand why a person would do those things but assume it’s just a result of lack of socialization, giving this person a pass because you are familiar with them. No one, not even a friend, just automatically deserves that pass. That’s the entire point of the article.

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