How to pack for the unknown?

I’ve spent the past week or so preparing what I think might be needed, useful or comforting for the next 6 months or so. But the question is this: how to prepare for the unknown? What have I forgotten?

I guess on many levels it is to trust what I know and trust that in the end, there are others who know far more than me. So, I’m finally feeling less like a possum in the headlights and more excited about what lies ahead.

This last week I’ve consciously enjoyed long, hot showers, spent time catching up with people and have planned a trip down country this weekend to see our families. I’ve also finished my ‘to do’ lists – can’t remember since I last (or ever) cleared the deck. It is a liberating feeling!

Next Wednesday - 8am flight to Sydney for briefings in the office, and then to Dubai, Juba and then - to the project.