A little advice : How to learn everything on the internet

On internet we have a lot of material to learn. We can watch tutorials on YouTube almost about everything. You can watch videos of how to cook, even how to change the batteries of a flashlight.

But tutorials are not the only way we have to learn things, we can find websites with online courses like Udacity and Khan academy, a little problem with this websites is that not all the courses are free as the tutorials on YouTube.So, why aren’t all the people learning and taking courses on the internet?

Today I have a question and an advice for the readers. First the question, have you ever took an online course? Did you finished it? If the answer is yes with no, or no with no, keep calm, most of the people who take courses on the internet could not finish them. Now the answer is Why?

I was thinking a lot in this and my conclusion was that the courses on the internet does not consider the level of the users. Let’s see an example, so, if you are a programmer with five years of experience at work and you have to learn Ruby(programming language) to work on a new project, if you go to a website to learn Ruby from the beginning, you can get bored, because in the courses or videos always repeat basic concepts that you can already know. So, which is the best way to learn.

My advice is that if you want to learn anything you have to give yourself challenges and projects. If you want to be a designer, start to explore Illustrator, and make a logo, search how to use the tools to do what you need, don’t search on google how to be a designer, give yourself challenges and projects and investigate by yourself.

If you want to be photographer, start to take pictures, and them look and investigate ways to improve your technique. If you want to be a programmer don´t search on internet how to program on Ruby or python, first gave you a little project and then start to investigate what you need to get it, step by step.

The problem with educacional websites is is that they don´t give you challenges to you to keep you hooked on the topic, they gave you a synthesis an explication of all of it, this is a good method but you can get bored on the process, this is the reason why a lot of people didn’t finish online courses. Most of things you learn and remember are the things that you discover and learn by yourself. So what are you waiting, give yourself challenges and projects, to start and keep yourself learning! :D


Rodrigo Torrico Del Castillo

Written by

UI/UX designer and Web developer that works mostly as freelancer. You can find on social media as @whiletruedothis ⚡️