Becoming a scan code

Love that funky little ‘bottish’ sound my phone just made, when i scanned my @facebook #FacebookMessenger profile scan code (from a post of my #ScanCode) on my desktop.

Previously made a similar sound when i tapped on ‘scan code’ while exploring the feature in my iphone settings. Now just a little ‘click’ sound.

The little things in life …

Just wondering, as i tend to get test features (ex. had seen Facebook profile video, live video, collage, marketplace …in early test/rollouts), how quickly is this feature becoming enabled for most users.

I’m sometimes surprised (yet geeky happy) when i am included in tests, get early invites and participate in launches & betas. Even received a copy of Google #GoogleGlass #Volume001 commemorative edition!

So, please let me know about your code : )