3 Steps for faster Continuous Delivery

Øyvind Ødegård
Apr 23, 2018 · 3 min read

What is more frustrating than having weekly, quarterly or even annually releases for new features, knowing that your new business idea will be outdated even before it hits the crowd?

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You might never get there in time. Let’s change that.

In this article, I will highlight 3 of the most important aspects for making your deployment faster and more enjoyable for you, your team and ultimately your business or organization.

1. Reduce friction: Make each commit deployable

The deployment pipeline should look something like the following:

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Each row represents one commits and its state in each environment

With this pipeline, you will also get an overview of the state your app for all environments. Pretty handy, right? This is something you can build yourself to maximize customization, or use an existing solution like Spinnaker or Jenkins Pipeline which is stable and used by many big companies.

2. Deploy confidently: Use feature toggles

A feature toggle is a way to activate or deactivate parts of your code; a function, parts of a function or just one line of code.

There are several good open source alternatives for feature toggling, like Unleash, which provides you with a neat interface, local caching of toggles in case of network problems and clients for Java, Node.js and Go.

3. Verify: Monitor your changes

Also being able to dig in app logs through a search tool such as Kibana is a must.


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