I shall now cut and paste all the parts of your reply that seem divorced from my post:
Eve Moran

I shall now post your statements that inspired the replies you just pasted:

“that’s actually something girls talk about when choosing a prom dress. Generally, they don’t want to look like brides. That is why I think it’s pretty normal for a person to say, ‘it is weird to wear a bridal dress to prom’.”

As I said, a cheongsam is not exclusively a wedding dress. It was not divorced from your comments, it was in direct response to your comments. Again, the tweet you are working so hard to defend did not actually say ‘it is weird to wear a bridal dress to prom’, it insulted Daum for wearing said dress and implied her actions were racist. Please make a note of the difference.

As for your claim “You have not found a single example of the hateful language you continually use in your posts.” Yes, I have. I have quoted extensively the hateful language you are doing back flips to defend: stop lying.

Similarly, your claim that you “wrote a post that actually included specific examples from the text and said that I believed that she felt bullied.” is a great example of weasel words. Your exact words as to whether she was bullied were “But was this girl bullied? Eh, I can see both sides here”. You have gone on to claim that referring to these hateful acts of cyberbullying as bullying cheapens the word itself. She was objectively bullied, no two ways about it.

I have pointed out quite a few examples of you lying, your claim that you have not lied is just another example of you lying.

Now admit your repeated claims to know how I define bullying was just a desperate piece of straw manning to enforce your segregationist agenda, or keep digging that hole.

Either is amusing.