That’s not what people said to her.
Eve Moran

Wow, for someone who started off telling me to read before responding, you might want to take your own advice. What people said to her:

“My culture is NOT your goddamn prom dress,”

“This isn’t ok,” Followed by a claim that the tweeter would not wear traditional clothing from any culture on earth.

““you just don’t wear it if ur not. chinese”

Another one called her actions casual racism.

So, in summary: yes that is what they were saying.

If a person claims Asians should not be allowed to go to school with white people: their views are segregationist. Whether they actually stopped Asian kids from going to school with white people or not. Please make a note of this.

When peoples express their views through cyberbullying and harassment, then yes I do object. You, obviously, do not.

No, I do not “seem to believe this is bullying”. I stated flat out it is textbook cyberbullying and harassment. As is the article you just linked to. Though what it has to do with the subject is unclear.

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