A comprehensive Training Program for mid lifers for a healthy routine

Many of the health issues are visible during the middle age. And for every year passes physical uneasiness increases. Many researchers have found that following a regular exercise routine, especially during middle age can extend your life. Unhealthy diet and unorganized way of living associate higher risk of getting chronic diseases like diabetes and heart diseases. With more people tempting to adapt modern lifestyle all these chronic diseases are more often seen in young generations as well. Studies have found out that those who are more physically active are half likely to get cardiovascular diseases as those who are totally inactive.

Exercises and Middle age people

There are many factors that can be the reason for middle age health problems. Risk level will be high if you follow an unhealthy diet by eating all the junk foods of highest in calorie and high sugared soft drinks. People who are less inactive has a higher chance of getting sick. The majority of people is living with health issues. People who are less physically active are more likely to get health issues. Spending some time for physical exercise on daily routine can contribute many health benefits. It can not only control your weight, but also can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and will provide long term benefits for your general health and double the chances of a healthy retirement. A minimum of thirty minutes of moderately vigorous physical activity in a day will really turn out to be the sweet spot in terms of time versus benefit. Studies also reported that staying fit can delay illness and helps to stay healthier. Staying fit not only tend to live longer, but also they are more likely to live well and healthier in older days.

Maintaining a routine exercise has other health benefit also. Immune system stops to function and becomes slower to respond with the ages. And as a result, the chances of getting sick are also more. It can destroy healthy tissues in the body. And Exercise has a major role in decreasing the risks associated with the immune system. Eating healthy foods with regular exercises can keep your immune system strong and lessen the chances of getting sick. Exercise can also do wonders in every body system. It is effective both as a treatment and for prevention of disease. It can not only improve memory and concentration, but also lessen sleep disorders, prevent heart disease by lowering cholesterol and reducing blood pressure, help many of sexual problems.

Are all exercises safer?

With the ages, getting growing older, you can’t do all the exercises comparing to younger generations. You should select the best exercises with regard to your health conditions. The Samurai Martial Arts Academy has launched a new Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine (CSEM) for Adults to keep them stay Healthy and Strong irrespective of ages. With the CSEM training program you will get the expert’s guidance and training to stay physically fit and active considering your medical history.

Merits of participating in the CSEM Training Program

For a personalized training that fit best for your health condition, CSEM is the right place to go for the safe exercise practice for all ages. It is trained by Shihan Dr. Pradeep Dharman who has 30 Years of Experience in Sport Therapy and yoga practice. It is a complete executive and Family health maintenance membership program. Whatever be your physical and mental health conditions are irrespective of ages, total cure for all your health problems. Their fully packed training program include Natural Athletic and Floor exercise, Stretching exercise, Abdominal exercise, Breathing exercise, Healthy weight loss and weight gain programme, Dieting and nutritional awareness and more.

Within a short frame, Samurai Martial Arts Academy has become one of the premier Martial Arts Training centre in Kochi, Kerala. Apart from the CSEM training program, they have been shown their proficiency in training different martial arts forms like Full-Contact Karate, Shadow boxing, Commando Training, Shin Fighting, Grappling methods, kick boxing and other sessions like Counselling, Yoga Practice, Meditation, Stress Relaxation, Sports Therapy and more.