Over the past few months, I've collected four boxes of cards that I use to help me grow personally and spiritually:

Praying the Names of God

A 101 Messages to Encourage and Inspire

101 Promises from Psalms

Prayers for my Daughter

In addition to reading through one card from each box every day, I spend my time meditating, doing art, reading through Law of One material and researching L/L Research.

Today, the card I pulled from Praying the Names of God is the one you see at the top of this post. …

Trust me, you do not want me to love you.

If I were to love you
the way
you deserve,
I'd devote all my 
time and attention 
to you.

You would know 
with certainty 
that you 
reside in my every 

I'd go 
out of my way 
every day 
to ensure you 
felt my feelings
toward you.

All of my time 
would center 
making sure 
you experience 
the passion 
I have for 
you and 

You would never 
doubt the 
intensity of my 

Clarity of my
to your next breath,
to your next heart…

Each and every time you wake up, remember who you are. Remember where you came from. Remember how you came to be. Ask yourself who made you. Before your feet hit the floor, think why am I here? Never forget your purpose.

At one point in time, where time does not exist, infinity was created. Infinity itself is creation. In its active form, infinity became aware of itself. The awareness made it possible to concentrate on its thoughts, the concentration produced energy, and eventually there was enough energy to create galaxies and planetary systems.

Infinity produced, and still produces, infinite…

The names declared by God as his own have always revealed themselves to me in unique ways.

Yahweh Tsidqenu is the Lord of Righteousness

One of the names for my Creator is Yahweh Tsidqenu, which translates into The Lord of Righteousness. The Creator is Righteous in all ways and sends forth vibrations of love toward ALL he has made.

Why I Study the Names of My Creator

Each name reveals a characteristic of my Creator. Understanding the character of the one who created me is vital to understanding where I came from, why I am here, and where I am going.

Why Is My Creator My Yahweh Tsidqenu?

The Creator knew me before I was born, He watched me as I was…

I am a believer in lasting love, which is why I’m a hopeless romantic. But I have to be careful not to let my belief in lasting love solely define who I am as a person.

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s easy to get swept away in my thoughts of what love is and is not. It’s simple to mistake lust for love, and it doesn’t take a lot for me to walk away when there is no attempt to get to know me on an intimate, emotional level before physical intimacy comes into the picture. After…

I think writers sometimes get lost in their own galaxies of words. Here’s a glimpse of the ones I travel to.

Study Tips

  • Annotate throughout the Bible

• Ask God to give you clarity to understand what is happening in a particular passage and what it means for your life today.

• Read the Bible in your head and out loud to help you better encode and recall what you read and learn at a later time.

• Use commentaries and modern translations to expand spiritual comprehension.

• Study highly-resonating words and passages in their original form (Greek or Hebrew)

• Surrender to the Word of God (God's spirit communicating to you through words that bring life and not death)

I pray to obtain this: “I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my daily bread” (Job 23:12)

I think writers sometimes get lost in their own galaxies of words. Here’s a glimpse of the ones I travel to.

Whitney White writer
Whitney White writer
Whitney White

I sit here and stare at the screen. I’ve had writer’s block for months now. So many words have been typed and erased. So many sentences carefully crafted only to be removed because I didn’t like how I pieced my words together.

I have a massive fear of not being understood. Of not being able to string my words together so the reader precisely understands my message. This fear has held me back from sharing so many thoughts (and…

I’ll admit it. I’m one of those people who is quick to hop online and leave a negative review when a retailer or service provider doesn’t meet my expectations.

But when a retailer does meet my needs, I simply grin to myself and go to the next thing I have going on.

I’m also the first person to hop online and look at reviews, hoping that someone took time out of their day to leave positive feedback for the companies they save money through.

So, now it’s my turn. I recently slashed my car insurance by 55% and I feel…

I can remember it like it was yesterday. Laying in my bed at night, begging God to take away my desire to drink. I had gone from a glass-of-wine-over-dinner-mom to a full blown alcoholic.

My 3-year-long love affair with alcohol snuck up on me out of nowhere. I took a drink one night and for the next two years, a bottle became my daily side piece that I felt protected me from the worries and stress of the world. If something didn’t go my way, a bottle pressed to my lips was the solution.

The last year of my affair…

Whitney White

I spend my days and lots of nights writing for clients from all across the world. A laptop and Field Notes are two of my best friends. www.whitneycann.com

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