Driving Bad Habits Into the Light

How can someone so smart from an intellectual standpoint be such a fool when it comes to dependency? With an open mind and awareness of her problem, she performs a selfish search for happiness in all the wrong places, all the while knowing life has rained blessing after blessing, washing her in grace and mercy long before she even came into existence.

There is an appeal to thinking on a higher level and staying up through the wee hours of the night that attracts her to the disillusion of addiction. But no matter how strong the appeal, this isn’t the lifestyle she was striving for. Traveling this road wasn’t meant to happen. Her words may be elegant. Soul shattering. Honest. And even valuable on this road. But they weren’t satisfying her desire to change the world, even if only a single word at a time.

As a mother, she knew it was time to banish certain habits. If she wanted her son to be a respectable man, it was going to take more than going over spelling words each night and saying prayers together. It was going to take much guidance, both on her part and God’s.

She focused both within herself and above to purge these habits that were causing reality to slip away. Forever and always she will battle her addictions to give him a better life. That’s who she is. She’s his mother.

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