It’s All about the Rabbuts

The weather has been a bit precarious over the past couple weeks. And from what I’ve heard, shaking off the cold nights is a definite way to keep yourself warm if you’re out and about. So go ahead, get your boogie on and do a little shake dance.

But you know what I do when it gets chilly? I keep my butt at the house.

Whether it’s too foggy to see the person in front of me or so cold crystal patches of glazed ice start to form, staying home during bad weather is key to being cozy and warm. I know some people prefer when it’s snowy and cold outside, but it’s just not for me. This isn’t to say, though, that staying at home when the weather acts up won’t bring about any strange happenings.

Here’s an example. I was surfing the web — like I always do — in hopes of recognizing others like me who spend their days and nights writing. I eventually came across another online method for reaching targeted audiences. My search paid off. Just in time for Easter, the site’s name I discovered is Rabbut. There’s even a cute bunny logo to go along with the name.

Rabbut Logo

And yeah, yeah, rabbits might be cute and all, but what struck me as odd was what happened after I signed up for the platform. I walked outside, and low and behold, even though it was too cold for little bunnies to be hopping around — I found the backyard covered in them. Odd? Um…. yes!

Okay … maybe the whole yard wasn’t completely covered in them, but there were definitely more than a few, and they completely caught me off guard, so I just watched them. After all, what else is a person supposed to do? It’s not like they will let you catch them. They were just sitting there, looking into the treeline at something. Anxiously awaiting to hear from someone.

I’m not sure if those rabbits ever heard what they were expecting, but nonetheless, it was nice to have a bit of entertainment for a few moments. Once they scurried back into the forest behind the house, I made my way inside and read through a few postings posted by my fellow Medium and Rabbut users. I’m certain that both platforms are going to serve me well.

What about you? Have you ever noticed anything strange or odd in your backyard? If so, make sure to tell me about it. I love collecting info on odd happenings. I might even share a few more, so make sure to subscribe to my postings.