Writer. On-again, Off-again Addict. Mother.

As a writer, I often think to myself, “good Lord, Whitney, why can’t you be satisfied with the writing career you’ve established over the past six years? The money is good. You have a schedule that literally follows no definition of anything even remotely related to a routine, which fits perfectly into your preferred lifestyle, so why must you feel like this?”

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy making money off the content I create. It covers both mine and my son’s monthly expenses. Well, for the most part it does (it didn’t cover the $42,000 AirEvac bill from February’s car wreck, but that’s a story to be told on another day).

There’s something, though, about writing for money that causes static to envelope the voice in my soul. I think it’s because I go into business-mode when creating content for a client. And while almost every client — I’ve worked with 1000’s — has praised me on my work, there’s an inkling inside me that the content could have been better had I only approached it from a more personal standpoint.

I have to remind myself that separating personal and professional opinions in my work is important, mostly because when I produce content for a client, it needs to revolve around their instructions and specifics. So, this leaves me with one option — create personal content for myself that I don’t sell to anyone.

In comes Medium to the Rescue!

It was about six to eight weeks ago that I came across Medium, the platform I’ve long been searching for, and ironically, one that I signed up for many months ago without remembering, but that’s not surprising, because I forget a lot.

Although my postings here are few as of right now, I’m thankful I found a place to publish my personal content without feeling as if each and every reader is dissecting me word by word with a razor sharp blade — I’m sure that would never happen, but my anxiety creates a reality that makes it seem more-than-real to me.

Medium is helping me understand that it’s okay to put the real me out there on the Internet. It’s okay to be who I am. I’m a writer. On and off again recovering addict. And most importantly, I’m a mother. And it’s okay to be all three.

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