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Turning Down TechCrunch

If journalism can’t be open, what can?

Gittip is a weekly gift exchange. We launched about a year ago, and we currently have about 1,000…

“Teams Work”

Five months ago I introduced the idea of blog-post driven development—what is the blog post we want to be able to publish and how do we get there?—as a way to focus our product development efforts. The first post I put out there was “Pay Your Heroes.” I want to put a second post out there:

Teams Work
We’ve shown in the past that an…

How is Gratipay different from Patreon?

I introduced Gratipay to someone in private email last month, and they immediately shot back, “How is it different from Patreon?” Fair question!

We Lost Five Hours’ Data

A developer error earlier today led to a loss of about five hours of data.

One of our support staff used production credentials locally in order to fulfill a support request, and neglected to remove the production credentials afterwards, so that a subsequent schema wipe affected the production database.

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How much can be explained by the tradeoff between detail and power?

How to Resolve Our Empathy Crisis

At Our Second Retreat, We Met Our Third Users

Gratipay started life in the open-source community with a two-month burst of growth, followed by five months of stagnation. From there we…

A Lesson in Traction Channels

Here’s an observation from two cycles of growth experience: the property of a traction channel that makes it work at first, later becomes its limitation.

Gratipay’s first traction channel was Hacker News. HN has a fundamental bias towards shiny new things, which helped us a lot … until we weren’t new anymore.

Improved Navigation, with Search

We’ve improved the navigation on Gratipay, including adding a search feature. There are now three levels of navigation: a top level that includes links for…

Meet Ambridge

Gratipay’s headquarters are in Ambridge, PA, USA

Gratipay, allow me to introduce you to Ambridge, the town I live in, and our company headquarters.

We Send Email Now

After two-and-a-half years, we’ve started integrating email into Gratipay. This is important because it’s the foundation for a number of other features, such as:

Facebook and Google+

Gratipay requires an account on another platform in order to sign up. We do this to make Gratipay more social for you, and easier for us in some security and anti-fraud…

Vulnerability Potentially Affects 12% of Accounts

If you ever linked Bitbucket to Gratipay and then changed your username on Bitbucket, you were vulnerable to having your Gratipay