Build-on-EOSIO Development Workshop — Shenzhen

EOSPark Admin
Mar 18 · 1 min read

The first Build-on-EOSIO development workshop will be held in Shenzhen on March 22nd in order to help developers who are interested in developing projects on EOSIO to understand the software and processes of smart contract development easily. The professional technicians of EOS Studio, EOSPark and EOShenzhen will present on the development of smart contracts, the construction and maintenance of the block producers, and the analysis of intelligent contract development examples to help you solve the practical problems encountered in the development process. This event will be co-hosted by EOS Studio, EOSPark, EOShenzhen.

Nowadays, the EOS ecosystem has received more and more attention from the globe, and more people want to enter the EOS ecosystem for development research. How to develop smart contracts and how to build and deploy bp is the key to do development research. The Build-on-EOSIO Smart Contract Developer Workshop will give what you expect.

EOSPark Admin

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