Twitter / Facebook / Tencent, How much of these EOS accounts?

As we all know, EOS has designed an account system to solve the problem of address memory in the blockchain world. In Bitcoin’s world, the address is a basic unit of account and is a very long string. A typical address is: 1PyMi4EYzGZKoxK7DozMMuoQ91EdrMMkBP. For humans, he has no special meaning and is very difficult to remember. In the EOS world, the basic account unit is a very readable and easily memorized string for humans. For example, eosio, eosio.token, b1, eoscanadacom, etc. They are all legitimate EOS accounts.

The advantage of an EOS account is its high degree of recognition. It is also a limited resource. A good account is as important as a good domain name. A good domain name can sell a good price, and a good EOS account can also sell a good price. According to the design of EOS, users can arbitrarily register an EOS account with a length of 12 characters. An account with a length of less than 12 characters is a premium account and needs to be obtained through auction. Detailed auction rules can be referenced:

Let’s take a look at some of the brands that are familiar to everyone in the real world and how much they can buy when their name is used as an EOS account. EOSpark gives a list of current bids for premium accounts:

As you can see, the eos is currently the most expensive account, and someone has offered 670 EOS.

Facebook actually only 0.017 EOS. Less than 0.2 US dollars.

The price of twitter is not much better.

Tencent, as the largest Internet company in China, actually bids for only 1 EOS.

Alibaba is better, the price is 3.4 EOS.

Baidu 2.5 EOS.

Does it feel cheap.It would be fantastic to register these high-quality EOS accounts at such prices.If you have this idea, first look at the abnormal auction rules, as follows:

For example

Suppose there are 10 people bidding for the Facebook account. You are bidding the highest, bidding for 1,000 EOS, and no one else is willing to bid for a higher price to compete with you. Normally, Facebook should belong to you at this time. However, in the above rule, if someone bids 1,001 for the abc account. Sorry, the account that was shot today is abc. Although you are the highest bidder in the Facebook account, you can’t take it away because you only take one of them every day.

This is a brief introduction to the EOS account auction. I hope you can get your favorite account.

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