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I get the point of pairing Harden with a bigger defender but I don’t buy the argument that Eric Gordon is a better fit than Beverley. You don’t want Gordon or Harden defending the opponent’s PG for the whole game, who is usually the better backcourt player anyway. In terms of shot creation, they have almost the exact same AST% for their careers (Beverley’s is a tick higher), so at best you can say they’re comparable at creating shots for kthers. Gordon is the better shooter but at this point that’s the only thing he brings to the table. And it’s not like Beverley’s a slouch either as he shoots 37.3% from 3 for his career. Maybe they’ll want to try KJ McDaniels at the spot at some point, but Beverley is still the best option in my opinion because he’s their best PG defender by a longshot and is the same level of a playmaker as Gordon.

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