30 day challenge - yoga

So, I recently got back from a trip I took with my boyfriend to Georgia and the Outer Banks. It was enlightening because the vacation gave me a fresh perspective of my life and my situation. I’m not stuck in a job. I’m not stuck in Chicago. I’m not even stuck in a relationship. Everything can be made to change if you can think of it, and decide you want that sort of thing.

The deciding part is the most difficult as well as not giving up after the change has been put in motion. Measuring the risk level of the change, your own risk tolerance, and evaluating probability of future happiness are all factors that make the decision difficult and change scary. But change can be good and it helps you grow into a more dynamic, well rounded person. Doing more and different things can help you connect with more people. And I think that’s something I want in life.

I don’t really have a passion. It seems so easy that some people can find that one thing that they’re really good at and they love it and boom. They’re doing what they love for the rest of their life. But then there are people who like doing a bunch of different things and they’re pretty good at most of them. It’s kind of like having a diversified portfolio. Also like having a diversified portfolio, the risk/reward is not as much as someone who put all of their life savings into AAPL 20 years ago. So what can someone with a diverse set of interests and skills do to receive that satisfaction of a person with a life interest? I’m not sure. Maybe take more risks. If anything, a diverse skill set can be an advantage when taking risks. More on this later.

Anyways, so I have set up a plan in which, in an effort to do more things, maybe take more risks, and satisfy my lust for doing things that are somewhat challenging but in the end, soul satisfying, I am starting a 30 day challenge. If this goes well, I’ll do another. This is in an effort to self-improve and develop new habits that will ultimately lead to a more fullfilling life.

My first 30 day challenge is yoga. I recently have been having a lot of knee and tendon pain in my left leg and I feel yoga would help me keep active while letting my body heal. This will also give me a chance to increase my flexibility and practice mindfullness as well as gratitude. I will be doing this by purchasing a 30 day yoga groupon and attempting to attend a class each day. I will have this done hopefully by tomorrow. Coping ahead, I expect that I will have a tough time attending every day and want to quit after a week. In an effort to not do that, I will make sure they place I go to will have early morning classes and late classes so the time I can go will be flexible and convenient. I will be updating my blog with more thoughts and my experiences.

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