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Another police shooting, lying, and written false reports, for an organization that suppose to protect and serve, and protect american citizens constitution right, they’re about the lying people in the world, dang they lie more then Adolf Hitler did for his people. So how can you trust an organization that lie all the time, and do more criminal acts, and crime then criminal do, but sorry judges and prosecutors refuse to change them because police and their department is dedicated to work, and generate money for the state, not to protect and serve. Police officers primary job is to generate money off the american people for the state, not to protect and serve don’t you’ll know that, this is the primary reason the people that run the state that suppose to be public servant themselves,let cop do what they want to do, including murder, assault, disrespect and violate citizen constitution rights. They also let them continue being out of control and unprofessional toward the citizens of this country. They let them be above the law as long as they generate money for the state. The more money an officer can generate for the state the better he or she is protected by he sate, that including the governor,prosecutors, judges and Mayors, and who all else. So if an officer commit murder on their line of duty, they will try to sale the public those one sided stories, like “I fear for my life, or he reach for my gun, etc. or he reached for something, trying to play the citizens as being stupid, and ignorant as to say i’m smarter them you’ll. But the good thing about it people fight back with cameras and videos. Any time a cop stop you began to record for your protection because its a fact that either the cop that stop you don’t know his status or laws or he will violate your constitution rights, not all but plenty will and you don’t know who will or want, so start recording for your rights and safety. And always know your rights read up on them always, and keep up with them. because most of them out their count on you not knowing your rights or laws, its a shame in this country, and they should be ashame of themselves, but it true. actually the people who running the state is making police officers across the nation out of criminal, and covering up for them

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