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I have to say this country, have some sorry ass prosecutors, and judges for sure, this is why people protest, and angry with the system because of them refusing to do their job, when it come to bad law enforcement officers that violate citizens, human, civil or constitution rights they should be automatic get jailed or prison time. Officers should be held to the up most accountable but they’re not. they hold citizens the up most accountable, why is that? Part of the reason is that they’re working for the state to generate money from the citizens that they suppose to be protecting and serving. Police job, is not to protect and serve nor to protect citizen constitution rights, but instructed to generate money for the state only “facts” and they know it, this is one of the reason its hard to charge or hold officers accountable. This is also one of the reason they hold video camera tape as long as they can, when it shown that the officer or officers were in the wrong. yep you have plenty of good officers might now like the was they are instructed, but their jobs is to arrest, and charge somebody that is what they’re look for , not worrying about citizens constitution rights being violated. So who is best to do that to then black or minorities,come on you don’t have to be the smartest person in the world to figure that out. How can they worry about citizens constitution rights, when they are the one that is violating citizen rights. Officers are sworn in the protect citizens right, but violating them, that is a crime by itself, so they should be charge just like any other criminal. When or if these sorry prosecutors and judge start charging them, then most of this will stop, but as long as they keep refusing it, them it going to continue, unless congress make it a legislative they those judges and prosecutors don’t have no charge but to charge them.

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