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Officers do what they do because they know that they can get away with it, murder, assaults, disrespect, abuse they authorities, they know it, because the sorry prosecutors, and judges want prosecute them, they let even maybe promote police officers to do harm to american citizens, especially minorities. Don’t let them fool you, police officers jobs are not to protect and serve any more, their jobs is to generate revenue for the state only, this is what they instructed to do, this is why that they don’t give a d””” about american citizens constitution rights. So if they shout an american citizens its ok to them from the prosecutor, to the judge and Mayor. They shoot, assault and disrespect American citizens daily and never get charged nor discipline, why you think that because the same people that refuse to press charges is the same one that either let them or tell them do that that to citizens. They are out of control, and they know it, but let be out of control, as long as they general money for that state, they will be cover-up for them from any kind of criminal acts, and they know it, but try to make all kind of excuses, the best one “I fear for my life that is the best one, they even use that for an unarmed Citizen especially a black person, and those one sided racist prosecutors, and judges allow it to happen. There are police officers that violate Citizens constitution right on a daily base, The states don’t care about people, human, civil, or constitution rights, just only general money for their states only that’s all, but you know they’re not going to tell citizen that. They let police officers commit crimes , you better believe that. If a person is in your custody you’re totally responsible for him/her, if something happen to that person while they’re in a officer custody the/she is responsible, but they still don’t hold them accountable so then you ask yourselves why is that? you do the math.

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