Wedding Planners on a Shoe String Budget You Can Hire

Wedding Planners in Delhi

Wedding takes on nerves of every person in the family. Not only the elders of the family are involved in its preparation but also all the near ones and dear ones get involved in the majestic wedding preparations. In fact the preparations and formalities of the wedding are too hectic for single person to handle as even if the minute thing gets missed, it hampers the mood of the event.
So it is advisable to hire a professional wedding planner who will handle the entire event right from the scratch. To hire a wedding planner on a shoe string budget is not an easy job but if researched properly this can be just a cake walk activity.

Things one should consider in order to hire wedding planner on a shoestring budget:

1. Florists: Flower decoration is one of the most expensive decorations in any wedding. Florists are not able to create innovative structures and floral designs even after roping in mammoth investment. Whereas professional wedding planners who tie up with specialists florist who come out with most economical floral decoration is the most apt option that will save a whole lot of penny of your pocket.

2. Cornering the venue: Venue of the wedding is most vital aspect that epitomizes your flair and style and signifies your status in the society. Lavish and rich wedding attracts the eyes of every onlooker and the memories of such wedding remains in the minds of every guest till eternity. So, corner the venue that not only is the eye catcher but also fits the pocket. An intellectual wedding planner will always go for affordable yet spacious wedding place for you. He will look for all the aspects the distance, aura of venue and the ambience and then after brain storming sessions will go for the most affordable yet best venue.

3. Meal planning: Wedding planners will have a look of your guest list and suggest the most affordable meal plan for your wedding. If your guest lists contain majority of vegetarian guests then one or two non vegetarian food is sufficient in the list. An intellectual wedding planner will go for economical yet hygienic and lip smacking meals that will appeal all the guests. As it is rightly said that road to man’s heart is through stomach and good and tasty meals when served will certainly tickle the taste buds of all the guests, who will remember the wedding till eternity.

4. Ask for testimonials: Experience is the best teacher. Go for the planners who have great deal of experience in handling all sorts of wedding be it large scale and small scale weddings. Ask for proofs in the form of photographs, testimonials etc to ensure the creditability of the planner. See that the planner you selected can handle any type of untoward situation with great ease say if there is certain sort of strike during wedding, the planner must make arrangements as per the sudden rise of untoward circumstances and only experienced wedding planners can handle sudden situations correctly.

5. Ask for vendor references: Look out for the vendors that the wedding planners offer in the package. Vendors like caterers, photographers, videographers, decorators etc all occupy important space in the event so proper combination of these is vital to make the event successful and memorable.

Wedding is important event in the lives of two families who come together to start a new journey of love, trust, affection and sacrifice. If this is planned and transpired perfectly, the event becomes memorable in the minds of all near ones and dear ones till eternity. As it is rightly said well begun is half battle won. Original Resource