Hell Yes, I Am Voting With My Vagina
Nadia Goodman

With all due respect Nadia, I think you misunderstood what Susan meant with that. I bet she’s all for a woman being President, but not Hilary. Susan is a Bernie supporter. She said what she said based on what made her a Bernie supporter. To her, Hilary is just as worst as Trump. Hilary knows how to lie or play “politics”. Unlike Trump, who’s just acting like a 5 year old. Which makes Hilary more dangerous. She’ not voting with her vagina as in she’s not going to put a possibly dangerous woman in the Oval office just because she’s a woman. If that’s why most Hilary supporters are voting for her, then you might as well vote for Cersi Lannister.

Your article just pointed out the problems women face in today’s society. However, I don’t see having Hilary in office will change that. I mean, since when representation ever fixed a problem now. A sexist will remain a sexist. A wife beater will remain wife beater. It’s collective effort that will fix it eventually.

In the end, that’s my opinion. Peace.