I Moved to Linux and It’s Even Better Than I Expected
Dan Gillmor

In away, i kinda agree with this post. Recently, an open source proprietary tend to get more interesting and its started 3years ago. 
When the first time knowing such linux(Ubuntu, Debian) , and Mac OSX Snowleopard. i started to feel that this is the end for them, for having less function or not having features like Windows does. Despite of that, after start learning more in it. The relevant behind of this issue was they try to put an end virus problem that Windows does which i believe more viruses are born for windows. If the virus in linux, it would only a code and does not trigger unless certain code trigger for networking, eg: remote attack and all. Since that time, i decided use Unix bases. Play game with it and work with it. Its been good experience since that. Beside, most gaming platform are going to linux or Unix bases lately. I think this is what they anticipate or expected (opensource developer) and why Microsoft feel for their New Market OS (Windows 10).

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