Are You Making The Same Mistake In Your MBA Admission?

Hello Applicants,

Let us all assess an applicant together to analyze whether he will be able to get the admission in the MBA program or not.

On which date would he be taking the GMAT? 7th September

Which school has he targeted? Chicago Booth

What is the deadline for Chicago Booth? 25th September

Let us analyze the important things he needs to do to be able to get the admission in Chicago Booth.

First Step-Creation of his resume-Since he has a job in hand therefore the responsibilities shouldered by him contains a lot of words in his CV like organizing, leading, conducting, planning, etc. For applying for the MBA program, he has to MBA Admissions Consultants In India create the resume in the past tense with words like planned, conducted, etc.It should be a one page’s CV revealing the appropriate results. This will take him about three to four days.

Second step-short and long term goals-He is presently working with Neeraj Bhagat and has experience of four years. He wants to join a strategy group of one of the topmost organizations in the world. When I spoke to him, I noticed that he used the word strategy manier times while explaining his short term goals. He probably Career Counselling Centres was unaware of the word strategy not being a function and rather being an adjective being a part of financial restructuring, general management, sales, marketing and supply chain. He probably was unaware of the number of organizations offering the jobs in their internal strategy group.

Other organizations either possess their own rotational programs of the leadership or consult the consulting firms. My question from him was whether he plans to MS Admission Course In India work for a strategy consulting firm and his response was a clear NO. He would require about three to four days writing his short and long term goals.

Third Step -Would the applicant be preparing the essay for the Chicago Booth or the PPT for the Chicago Booth? Upon asking, he said that he would write an essay. He probably is unaware that the PowerPoint presentation is preferred over the essay. If you opt for an essay, you are sending a message to Chicago Booth that you opted for an easy way out. When he would start preparing the PowerPoint presentation, he would tell something about SAT Coaching Centres In India his life followed by the initiatives undertaken by him. I’m sure he hasn’t thought about-what is he telling the school? Why is he telling all this to the school? Why getting admission in this school matters to him? And why his getting admission in this school would matter to the school?

Fourth Step-Recommendations-I’m sure that he is aware of the need of two recommendations but he does not know the kind of incidents and examples required for revealing his qualities so that he can get admission in his dream college. I’m sure he has excellent bosses who would allow him to write his recommendations on their behalf. He probably is unaware that he himself should not write his own recommendations.

Also, why should he take his GMAT exam on the 7th September when the deadline for applying Institute For GMAT Preparation to his dream college is 25th September? I don’t really think that this student will get admission in the Chicago Booth.

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