Cellphone spyware is the number one security threat to smartphone users today. Yet it’s the most ignored issue on the security forefront. If you think about most people’s smartphones have very weak encryption standards (RC4 128) and mobile operating systems like iOS or Android. Offer very little protection from third party spying software. Some good examples of cellphone spyware is finfisher which is mainly used by government to spy on it’s citizens indiscriminately. However there are reserve engineered or cracked versions of finfisher that have fallen into the hands of blackhats, non state actors, criminals and foreign spies alike.


So if that’s the case then clearly there’s a large problem that hasn’t caught the attention of the public. Nearly as much as it should, surely the traditional media has reported on such instances. But the issue occasionally does pop it’s head out when someone becomes a victim of third party cellphone spyware. I remember particular instance last summer when my Motorola G 1st Generation was the target of third party spyware. It never occurred to me how badly my phone was breached. But obviously the attackers intentions were to gather information on me. Because they were under the impression that was an employee of law enforcement or national security. At least that’s what was able to gather from the way these attackers hijacked my smartphone. Clearly they were using a cracked copy of finfisher spyware or an equivalent program to it.

But try telling the average intelligent person on the street that your phone was targeted by third party cellphone spyware. They wouldn’t have a clue what that would even entail or reasons surrounding it. Because there again the general public in some way is ignorant to the narrative. There’s too much apathy and very little self informing going on. Only because such things would be considered a “conspiracy theory” even if it is true.

Here’s some rather informative YouTube video’s that explains the phenomenon perfectly.