Law Enforcement Isn’t Going To Say They Won The War On Terror Because Budgets Will Then Be Cut

“We Do Not Need The Police To Create More [Terrorists] Out Of Marginalized People Who Have Neither The Capacity Nor Sufficient Motivation To Do It Themselves,” Bruce added.
The Entrapment Of Nuttall and Korody Resembles The Disturbing Pattern Of Counterterrorism Sting Operations Conducted Against The Vulnerable and The Marginalized in the United States.

Toronto Star

This particular case of John Nutall and Amanda Korody, reeked of a setup from the very beginning. The one thing keep in mind about the RCMP’s organizational structure is it resembles the FBI in a lot of ways. In fact some of the RCMP’s personnel are compromised of former FBI agents. Both agencies have a long standing agreement with one another and have shared intelligence on a number of occasions.

But, unfortunately bureaucrats will be bureaucrats and if the opportunity arises the RCMP. Will invent problems in order for it’s brass and lower ranks to justify there jobs. But that’s part of the game, sure there are real threats public safety that do exist (Daesh and Al Qaeda). But to invent a threat to me seems completely unethical, unjustified and a waste of resources.

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