Do not lose never coached

Almost 2 in 3 subscriptions to the gym go to waste, why members leave the effort shortly after the start. Don’t become one of them.
Stay faithful to your training with 5 easy ways that will help you to find the motivation you need.

Changed Identity

OSO more closely tying the exercise with your personal identity, the more chances you have to do the workout part of your daily routine, according to a group of Canadian scientists.

Your day enriched with Visual stimuli-for example, leave the sneakers next to the front door of your home and the gym bag in the car, to remind the importance of exercise.

Kane Often Login

People who report their progress to others are more likely to remain loyal to their program, but this report does not need to be face-to-face, according to a survey in the Journal of American College Health. The head of research found that upping the progress that someone made online, improve the results as though they exercised regularly in the team.

Punish yourself

Do you think the chance to visit the gym will improve if forced to pay 5 euros for each absence? If the answer is positive, you’re not alone, according to the authors of the Pact, an app for smartphone users having to do «check in» in all gyms via GPS and charge according to the number of workouts lose.

Find A Partner

If you work out with a buddy, make sure it is the same cubic with you, says study journal Science. The participants had a similar body type, age and level of fitness, with more than 3 times more likely to remain loyal to their training program than those who were less compliant partners. Therefore, think of how you go to the gym, not regret.

Shoot the bar

The major targets are likely to be achieved. On the contrary, if you concentrate on small successes, they got better results, report scientists in the Journal of Consumer Research. Therefore, instead of constantly thinking 7 pounds you want to lose, will focus on how the double 1 kilo that got lost so far. Once you reach your final goal, the focus in your remaining steps.

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