The importance of building high-quality links has never been higher.

Click, click, click. How many links have you “clicked” to get to this article? How many more will you be clicking today?

The web is made of links. We know it, Google knows it and so should every marketer out there — especially if they’re worried about creating a robust link building strategy.

According to Google, links remain on the top three most important ranking factors out there — in fact, the company stated they are the #1 ranking factor, alongside great content.

Combining these two in the first position is not a coincidence. Links and content are related and they overlap. …

The customer is always right.

This well-known motto, popularized by pioneering and successful retailers such as Harry Gordon Selfridge, John Wanamaker, and Marshall Field, has been used for over a century and can be seen as the kickstart of customer experience.

Over the years, customer experience evolved, as new products and technology were introduced. New tools and strategies created new approaches to the seller-customer relationship — but nothing has changed it more than social media.

Social media changed the conversation thanks to a more democratic approach, putting the power back in the hands of the customer. …

70% of companies invest in content marketing, which could include visual marketing strategies (Hubspot)

Marketers, content producers, brands, and consumers have come a long way since 2000 — the year blogging started gaining popularity. One can say blogs were the starting point of the content marketing revolution and, in 2020, this kind of marketing effort evolved to be much more than just blogging.

Nowadays content is more than just filling web pages. Content marketing has moved past blogs and now encompasses so much more as a valuable asset and a necessity to every brand that wants to successfully reach its audience effectively.

“Content Marketing is all the Marketing that’s left” — Seth Godin


NordVPN used performance ads on YouTube to drive conversions and increase brand presence and awareness.

In 2019, a Forbe’s article stated that “Performance video is the future of marketing”, thanks to features like higher conversion rates and reaching a wider audience. The same year, statistics showed 52% of marketers considered video to be the type of content with the best ROI.

It seemed that everyone was happy with video performance ads… everyone except NordVPN. In 2018, the company, one of the most trusted VPN service providers worldwide, was still skeptical about this format.

In a bid to reach new users…

Image by the author.

How (and why) blending emotional and actual ROI means more sale success.

Return on Investment (ROI): a term you probably learned about 5 minutes into your first class in business school.

This essential insight for any marketer is also the go-to metric when it comes to measuring performance. It’s built on numbers, logic, and rationality. But what about Emotional ROI? By knowing it’s clear consumers and purchase processes are made from much more than just rational measurements — emotions do play a great role in this dimension.

What is Emotional Return on Investment or Emotional ROI?

Think about your audience. Not as numbers but as individuals, humans just like…

Key video marketing statistics for 2020 that prove the right time for video marketing is now.

By 2020, the number of videos crossing the Internet per second will approach 1 million.

By 2022, 82% of internet traffic will be driven by video.

Take a moment to think about these figures. Think about how many videos you watch daily — the ones you actively choose to watch and the ones that seamlessly cross your feed (from ads to suggested content based on your preferences).

Video is everywhere as a highly effective form of content and its popularity has gone hand-in-hand with the rise of social media — IG Stories and TikTok, we’re looking at you!

Changes in format, volume and technology translated into changes to the way…

Believe it or not, there’s a whole lot of science behind why people share on social media.

With 3.5 billion daily active users — a number that equates to about 45% of the population — social media is now a huge part of customer’s lives. They spend an average of three hours per day on this platforms and 54% says that use social media to research products and connect with brands.

As businesses understand the relevance of these platforms the social media landscape becomes more and more crowded. This means:

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The company leveraged on how air quality impacts health and created a campaign that raised public awareness of localised levels of air pollution.

Can Dynamic Ads be the holy grail of Digital Advertising? Yes, especially if you’re in need of a format full of adaptability, personalisation and dynamism to effectively reach the right audience.

That’s why they were a clear choice for Philips when the brand was faced with the challenging task of advertising a product in an extremely competitive category.

Join us as we take a look at this success case. One that uses dynamic ads in a fresh…

The savy marketer of the post-coronavirus world will have to master a set of hard and soft skills.

2020 has been a strange, challenging and ever changing year so far. People, professionals, companies, brands, profit and non-profit organisations have been impacted with the consequences of a global pandemic. And little will be the same from now on.

When it comes to the workplace, if the accelerated pace of digital transformation was enough to pose challenges for employers and employees until now, nowadays teams and individuals face a new reality: the next years will be challenging and filled with different types…


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