Why do ByteBulls blockchain games stand out ?

From the discussion in our last article, we know that the combination of blockchain and gambling games avoids the disadvantages of traditional gambling games such as non-transparency, over-centralization and complex payment methods, making blockchain gambling games more open, transparent and easy to verify. More importantly, blockchain’s unique cryptocurrency system makes the payment of games more flexible and fast. In addition, in recent years, the number of online gambling game players has been increasing and the market capacity has been expanding. The blockchain gambling game is booming.

In this situation, some of the blockchain games stand out and start a new era

Satoshi Dice

Satoshi Dice can be regarded as the earliest gaming platform with the concept of blockchain. It has generated about 360,000 game records so far. Users send BCH to the game address to participate in the game. If they win, the bonus will be transferred back. The game’s winning rules are verifiable, fairness has never been questioned, and it is a fair spinach game among players.

Disadvantages of Satoshi Dice

  • Experience: game speed depends on blockchain speed.
  • Scenario: Can only be based on web games, no mobile version.
  • Gameplay: Play only with the Biosafety Clearing-House.


EOSBET DICE is the only phenomenal DApp after EOS main net launch, placing bets through smart contracts on the EOS blockchain. The game reached 600+ DAU within one month after it’s launch with a daily flow of 1.5 million EOS, and ranked the first place in the EOS ecosystem.

Disadvantages of EOSBET DICE:

  • Fairness: not open and transparent, smart contracts have not been disclosed, the winning rules cannot be verified, and the maximum value of blockchain gaming is not reflected.
  • Experience: The game often needs to add CPU, the price is high and the game experience is bad.
  • Gameplay: Only EOS can be betted in the game.
  • Opinion: Disguised ICO.

ByteBulls on-chain Games

Relying on the superior performance of the ByteTrade blockchain, the ByteBulls team has developed a series of white-label blockchain games, such as ByteDice, Video Poker, Keno, ByteLotto, Slot Machine, Texas Poker, etc. Let we compare the games on ByteTrade blockchain and on EOS blockchain:

Comparison of games on ByteTrade blockchain and EOS blockchain
Comparison of games on ByteTrade blockchain and EOS blockchain
Comparison of games on ByteTrade blockchain and EOS blockchain

From the comparison, we can tell that games based on ByteTrade can support more coins/tokens, have a faster processing speed, more safety and user-friendly, etc.

ByteBulls White Label Game solution could help you launch your own blockchain casino in a shorter time and with less effort. This solution has the following advantages:

Fairness: Truly fair and transparent blockchain gambling game

Drawing on Satoshi Dice, the verification tutorial is open, and users can verify the fairness of the game through a block browser. Here we take the ByteDice game as an example. In each bet, the player will get a random number, which consists of two parts: the hash of transaction when betting, a server seed managed by game manager. ByteDice gets a random seed by making a SHA256 calculation with these two numbers, then make a MersenneTwister with the random seed to get the random number of the game. Players can verify the fairness through Tx Hash of the game in the block browser. The specific game and verification process is as follows:

Step01: The user creates a ByteTrade account and deposit

Step02: The user selects a certain difficulty to play the game, corresponding to different winning probability and odds.

Step03: The user bets, transfers the bet amount to the game address, and the backend service starts to calculate the user’s random number

Step04: Compare the random number of the user with the BET value of the current difficulty. If the BET value is lower, the user wins, and the bonus can be transferred in 1 second.

Step05: ByteDice announced yesterday’s Sever Seed plaintext. Users can verify fairness by comparing Hash

Experience: Speedy, Smart, and Smooth

ByteBulls games realize the fast game speed through advanced consensus mechanism and excellent engineering realization, which are based on ByteTrade blockchain. It can get a game result and send rewards to the user’s account within 3s. Also, the native application operation is smooth.

Gameplay: Support multi-cryptocurrency assets, strong gameplay

ByteBulls easily implements cross-chain anchoring for Bitcoin, Ethereum, CyberMiles, BitcoinCash, Litecoin with the cross-chain mechanism of ByteTrade Blockchain itself. Different from the gateway method commonly used in other projects, the cross-chain of ByteBulls is completely completed in the decentralized network, which is more secure and reliable. Now ByteBulls blockchain games have supported BTC, USDT, CMT, ETH and ERC20 assets and will support more currencies in the future.

Deployment: SDK integration Access, good deploy experience, and small workload

The functions of different modules can be called each other to facilitate cooperation between partners, and arrange function entrances according to business needs. For example, the modules and functions involved in ByteDice games are as follows:

Wallet module — responsible for functions such as account creation, deposit, withdrawal, transfer

Trading module — responsible for decentralized exchange related functions

Dice module — responsible for ByteDice game function


Blockchain gambling is booming. Do you want to join this revolution? Now, you don’t need any technical staff to run your own blockchain casino, because the ByteBulls white label On-Chain Games Solution can provide you with all the technical support you need.

Connect with our subject matter experts to discuss your business requirements and goals!

Learn more about ByteBulls here: https://www.whitelabel-exchange.com/

ByteBulls White Label Blockchain Gaming Platform: https://game.bytebulls.com/

ByteTrade Exchange: https://www.byte-trade.com/

ByteTrade Blockchain: https://www.byte-trade.com/Blockchain.html

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