What is the White Lady Ministry?

Nia Wilson was murdered on July 22, 2018. Since her death, activists have been calling for media outlets to report the story and for high profile celebrity feminists to #SayHerName.

When called out, many of these white progressive feminists lashed out and retreated to the typical behavior often associated with antagonists of the feminist movement including, tone policing and showing what great white saviors they are.

That’s why I’m starting the White Lady Ministry. My goal is to evangelize the word of data driven change, social justice, racism (not the overt kind where guys sport swastika tattoos or use the N-word, the kind where African-Americans are incarcerated at higher rates than their white peers who commit the same crimes and where a white man who has committed a crime is more likely to get a job than an African-American man who hasn’t), and sexism (again, not the overt kind where Cartman declares, “You chicks should get in the kitchen and do some dishes”, the kind where women pay more for hygiene products than men and are told it’s their responsibility to prevent being raped).

As a white lady, I have a responsibility reach out to my white brothers and sisters and proselytize to them instead of expecting people of color to always be the ones stepping up to the plate and pointing out that like Nia Wilson, black women are three times more likely to be murdered than their white peers, but major media outlets typically don’t report crimes against them with the same frequency as white women.

The first step appears to be convincing people these issues actually exist and help them understand that just because someone points out a bias, doesn’t mean your first reaction should be that of defense.

If a friend points out I have something stuck in my teeth, my first reaction shouldn’t be to argue with them and defend my beautiful smile, it should be told hold up a mirror, take a look at myself and say, “well look at that, there’s some spinach, I should fix this”.

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