An Office Overhaul

As a light, open space that once held thousands of Blackwell’s books, the office that White October has called home since 2010 has always had the potential to be the perfect creative space.

A fresh start

Back in 2014, the first major refurbishment of the space began with the installation of a kitchen, meeting room, shower and much needed storage, improving the day-to-day practicalities.

Four years on, it was time for a refresh and it was paramount that our office space aligned with our values of enjoyment, learning, togetherness and pride. …

GOLD for RMxWO and RM Assessor³!

Wow what a night! Last week, White October and RM Results joined forces once again to attend the UXUK Awards and DRIVENXDESIGN’s London Design Awards, with the team splitting in half so we could be at both.

It’s no secret about how proud we are to have worked with RM Results and the vision for their next generation product of RM Assessor³ which made the recognition it received even sweeter.

We were super excited to learn that RM Assessor³ had won gold at the London Design Awards for Contribution to Global Edtech RM Assessor³, and that it was shortlisted at…

Digital product consultancy WHITE OCTOBER has been nominated a second time for its digital vision for exam marking with RM Results and the pioneering RM Assessor3

Oxford & London, 21 November 2018: WHITE OCTOBER has been shortlisted for the Best Information Experience category at this year’s User Experience UK (UXUK) Awards. The achievement comes just three weeks after the Oxford and London-based business’ gold standard award win for the same digital campaign at the London Design Awards, as a result of its work to help digitally transform the e-assessment landscape with international exam marking organisation RM Results.

RM Results has…

The Human Considerations of Healthcare Tech for the Elderly

By Dave Fletcher, Founder & CEO, White October

When the Apple Watch Series 4 was launched in September you could almost hear the global healthtech industry take a deep inward breath. The giant has put a stake in the ground showing its commitment to healthcare wearable technology, and the rest of us had better rise to the challenge. Wearable healthcare tech going mainstream matters … especially if you’re over 70.

The Apple watch has been a younger person’s product but it’s now the first ever mainstream wearable to be FDA-cleared (US…

Digital product consultancy WHITE OCTOBER has been recognised for its digital vision for exam marking with RM Results

WHITE OCTOBER has won the Digital Expanded Service or Application category at this year’s London Design Awards. The Oxford and London-based business has achieved the recognition as a result of its work to help digitally transform the e-assessment landscape with international exam marking organisation RM Results.

RM Results has been at the forefront of exam marking since 2005 and its e-marking platform RM Assessor is used to mark 190 million pages of exam scripts annually for 14 awarding organisations worldwide.

Partnering with…

Last week, set against the glorious, brutalist backdrop of the Barbican conference Centre, the 7th Lead Developer Conference took place. Welcoming over 1000 tech industry folk for two days of insightful talks.

Organised by our sister company White October Events, Lead Dev has become a favourite on the White October calendar because, whatever your role in the tech industry, the talks are super relevant and always full of more take-homes than you can fill a Moleskine with.

This year our entire White October team were lucky enough to attend both days of the conference, something we’ll be sure to repeat…

Revolutionary politicians, self-awareness advocates, scientists, philanthropists, and convention fighters. These are the brave, kind, strong women that inspire us.

To celebrate the International Women’s Day, at White October we have asked our team to tell us about the women who have taught them some important lessons about altruism, humanitarianism and bravery.

Sarah Miles

Sara Miles

Sam Partington — WO Tech Lead

Sara Miles is an author and speaker/preacher. She’s also the founder of The Food Pantry in San Francisco, offering free, fresh groceries to 400 families each week.

Sara’s passionate about what she does and knows why she does it — faith…

Sharelle Moore

Sharelle Moore, Birmingham City University, Visual Communication Graduate

I fell in love with UI design when I was nineteen, when I had to design a website for a fictional sustainability brand. At the time, it was extremely difficult considering that I was only a few months into a college course in Graphic Design and had never designed a website. Surprisingly, I enjoyed designing multiple pages for the brand and became fascinated with everything UI! From then, my interest only grew and I started finding every opportunity to design a website or app for a brand as part of my College and University projects. …

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I recently attended a mentoring workshop as part of the IPA Women of Tomorrow Awards , led by Gwyn March. I was so inspired by it that I wanted to share some of the key points.

1. There is a difference between mentoring and coaching

A coach is someone who listens to your problem and helps you to come up with your own solution, without giving you direct advice.

A mentor listens to your problem and uses their own experience to advise you on how to come up with your own solutions.

I hadn’t thought much previously about the difference between mentoring…

Retrospectives and Global Justice

White October is leading the way in applying agile software-development principles to the work of a web agency. So it’s only natural that I’ve been wondering what agile could contribute to my spare time activities too.

When I’m not leading the Backend Development Team at White October, I chair Global Justice Oxford (“GJO”), the Oxfordshire branch of Global Justice Now, a UK organisation campaigning on issues of economic and environmental justice.

When I became chair, I decided to try out an adaptation of the agile concept of “retrospectives”, applying it to GJO’s monthly planning meetings. At White October, we have…

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