White America just doesn’t get it.
William Rippy

Maybe if blacks started looking in the mirror and began trying to solve some of their own problems rather than constantly blaming the white man, they may just overcome as the jews and asians have in this country. Sure there are disadvantages, but relying on hollywood, entitlements, affirmative action and the media to change their life hasn’t worked and isn’t going to work.

A black man or woman can make it, just as our last president did, just as Condolesa Rice did, just as Morgan Freeman did. Those people are well respected by many. Wearing baggy pants, talking like a gangster, being a hustler, constantly carrying a chip on your shoulder, or unwilling to change one’s environment will only perpetuate this cycle of poverty, animosity and self pity.

If many in the black community stopped with this victim mentality and started to act more like the Nelson Mandelas of the world rather than the Big Lurch’ or Michael Browns, maybe they’d get a bit more respect, develop more self worth and help change the view of the black community. Focusing on the black on black crime would be a great place to start.

Sure, I get that blacks are often ignored in history, were dealt a bad hand with slavery and Jim Crow, and have a crappy education system. But what prevents a black 18 year old from saving $50 for a bus ticket out of Detroit… looking for a roofing job… saving up money for a better education… and living a respectable life? I wasn’t handed anything. I worked my ass off and still am barely getting by. I’ve been mugged at gunpoint, beaten up and harassed by blacks, yet I’ve never acted this way to anyone in my life.

All I’m saying is that racism is on all sides, and looking in the mirror is a good place to start. Being a victim does nothing. No one is going to save you except for yourself.

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