Voted for Trump? I have only one plea.

So you’re so offended by Trump’s divisive language, yet you probably had no problem voting for a woman with blood on her hands (Benghazi and Libya). Shocked to the core about Trump’s narcissism, but completely fine with someone who has no problem taking money from dictatorial nations that are well known for murdering gays and minorities.

Perfectly ok with a female threatening and verbally attacking all of Bill’s sexual victims. Completely on board with a do-nothing politician who’s campaign colluded with the CNN and the DNC. Not upset by the lies under oath, making up of stories of being under sniper fire overseas, or fabricating about the % of $ that goes to the cause with her charity.

Completely un-offended by Hillary’s destruction of evidence while under subpoena, or with Bill’s meeting with the head of the justice department during an ongoing FBI investigation. Or supporting devastative programs like NAFTA and TPP, paying of false flag protesters, profiting in the hundreds of millions from wall street speeches.

I could go on and on. I’m not a Trump “supporter”, though when I read one sided blatantly hypocritical articles like this, I find a need to voice a balanced argument. If you’re goal is for folks to find understanding and common ground, your approach isn’t going to work.

Anyway… just my two cents.