3 Beautiful Benefits of Participating in a Qigong Retreat

The daily tryst with the rat race of life leaves everyone with a tired body, stressed mind and low spirit at the end of the day. Today, for maximum people, life is more stress and less enjoyment. People seem to be too weary to indulge in the little pieces of joy that may be in the form of individual hobbies, sharing a fun tete-a-tete with the soulmate, playing with the kids or going for an outing with the family on the weekends. What stands in the way is the lack of an energized body, mind and spirit.

Workload and stress on personal and professional front are an integral part of life. They will be in life always, but you have to let it not take toll on you. You need to connect your mind, body and spirit together and embrace the positivity of life and gain a rejuvenated self of yours. Qigong retreats or workshops make that possible. There are a lot of significant benefits of taking part in a Qigong retreat.

  1. Releasing the Stagnant Energy which means Free Flowing Qi Energy

Such retreats are arranged in mesmerizing landscapes. The fluid movements, stretches and twists, and deep breathing and meditation exercises in the lap of nature amidst the fresh air open up the blocked energy in the body. Precise, conscious and peaceful practice of Qigong triggers the proper circulation of Qi energy in the body, drives out the impurities, cleanses the mind and spirit, and charges up the body, mind and spirit.

2. Finding Inner Peace

Making peace with yourself creates the difference. If you are peaceful, sorted out and crystal clear from inside, negativity will never reach you and you will experience true relaxation. The essence of Qigong is help one find inner peace. The concrete world with its pool of work commitments and tension offer little chance and space to converse with yourself peacefully. Qigong retreats provide the opportunity to converse with your inner self to your heart’s content. In the midst of beautiful natural setting, you go through an inner transformation.

3. A Stronger Ability to Come Up with New Ideas and Take Better Decisions

A rejuvenated and synchronized body, mind and spirit brims with fresh flowing Qi energy. It helps you with an improved power of invention, perfection and more sound decision-making. This is the best gift that a Qigong retreat gives you.

These benefits stay with you for a long time. But, the most important thing is that you will be able to reap these benefits only when you take part in a workshop conducted by an expert. When it comes to Qigong workshops, White Tiger Qigong is the name that is hailed by all. This Thailand-based Qigong institution founded by Master Tevia Feng organizes powerful workshops round the year.

So, check out the upcoming Qigong retreats by White Tiger Qigong and participate to meet a completely new you.

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