Even more interop with Fable

But first, a word of warning…

What is interoperability?

Once upon a time…

Some vintage Flash logo. I’m growing old…

ActionScript 1.0 was dynamic like hell. The true land of Mutation.

Our goose is cooked!

Some nice official Haxe logo

Interop: a long quest.

You guys are awesome!

Interop with Fable.

Foreign interfaces or the Royale path…

I think this is my favorite Meme. I must stop using it everywhere!

Sometimes if you don’t need to use everything then don’t map everything.

Send e-mails! Easy as cake! That’s the motto of nodemailer. That should be my line of conduct too!

Do-it-yourself path.


A most informal conclusion

when one does not need to use a whole JS library, it’s often faster to do things manually

Merry Christmas! See you next year!



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