Restake DAO is Live!

White Whale
1 min readApr 11, 2024

Restake DAO is now fully operational! Stake your $RSTK, vote in the gauge system, and earn perpetual yield.

What is Restake DAO?

Restake DAO decentralizes Migaloo’s fiscal policy by putting control of the ReStake contract in the hands of $RSTK holders. It allows $RSTK stakers to distribute a fraction of Migaloo’s staking emissions to any asset the DAO whitelists. The voting power is directly proportional to the amount staked. This system creates positive competition between DAOs, protocols, teams, and wealthy individuals trying to benefit from Migaloo’s emissions.


The first airdrop phase distributes $RSTK to DAO treasuries. This phase is almost completed. The second phase will distribute $RSTK to DAO stakers and native $WHALE stakers. It will start on Thursday 18th of April and last precisely four weeks. The third phase will distribute $RSTK to T-Asset holders. It will start next week.


The Restake DAO now controls the ReStake contract, which controls 5% of Migaloo’s inflation. The DAO can add and remove assets via a 5-day proposal. $RSTK stakers can distribute the inflation between whitelisted assets by a gauge mechanism.

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