post script to my writer’s block

I’ve realised that the things I desire the most may not be entirely reachable, unless I make them that way. The same way you’ll continue to miss someone until you decide to call them and tell them you miss them. The sun on your skin will only be as hot as the shade you decide to shelter yourself in, or the cool pool water you choose to swim in. I don’t know if you get that. my happiness is my perspective. We can’t want to be happy and just want it. I knew this, but it didn’t sink in. Love makes me happy, giving it, receiving it. Seeing good writing is lovely (Robynne Trueman’s blog). Good hugs to me are gold. I think I may be going a bit over board with my admiration, but sometimes certain things just suddenly appeal to you in a major way, and there’s nothing you can do about it. This is all just flowing. The bricks of writer’s block have been brutally smashed.

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