I wanted to move to Silicon Valley for several reasons. Walkable city. Amazing weather. Liberal climate. The Mecca of Tech.

I knew I had to do it or die trying, but I doubted it would happen.

I gave up my job and moved home. I lost some friends, some freedom, and most of my mind. I spent twelve months of soul-searching and half-hearted job hunting to find the right ticket out of Texas and into the fabled promised land of California.

I fly out Tuesday.

I wrote this as a reminder for myself so when I get bogged down in future challenges, I remember how hopeless this situation seemed and how I made it out on the other side changed, but whole.

I wrote this as a reminder for myself that just about everyone — including myself — won’t buy into the idea of radical change, but that it’s possible through tenacity and perseverance.

I wrote this as a reminder for you that change always happens, but it’s up to you to guide it.

See you on the other side.