So there’s that…
Kathy Shaidle

What is this racist nonsense? Oh, because Ghanaians in the US make more money on average than the general white population, White privilege doesn’t exist? Never mind that the US was founded on race based slavery, promoted policies like redlining that segregated and funded white neighborhoods while PoC lived in “urban” destitution. Forget about the racist Jim Crow laws that sent entire communities of black people into the prison system, while state authorities oversaw the looting and lynching of black communities for hundreds of years well after after emancipation. When white people got GI bills that afforded them a college education and their first homes, black people were barred from receiving any benefits, loans or education. Oh, but some Vietnamese people make $61,000 a year salaries so white people dont have any privileges. Your video post is nothing short of racist propaganda hinging on the fact that it coming out of a brown person’s mouth. How foolish are the people that want to believe everything is fine and that PoC are suffering and complaining because of their culture? I pity you because the problems of the brown people in this nation are everyone’s problem, including white people, and to ignore them is to do so at your own peril.

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