David’s RAW Report: February 20, 2017

Hello, and welcome to my first review of my blog. I will review yesterday’s edition of Monday Night RAW.

The whole night seemed slow. The, Kevin Owens opening segment was great. He showed the darkness that we all love, tell off Goldberg by calling him hold. Not, mentioning Chris Jericho adds depth to the story which is always welcomed.

But, the Enzo and Cass winning was lousy, I don’t get why Cesaro and Sheamus are slowly going down the card. The New Day segment was dry. Although, they did announce they would be the hosts of Wrestlemania.

The cruiserweights are still not going so good. WWE hasn’t figured out how to book the cruiserweights strongly and exciting. Nia Jax not doing anything but, burying jobbers was dumb. Nia needs to further her rivalry with Sasha Banks or she will continue burying jobbers.

The Bayley, Stephanie, Sasha and Charlotte segment started out strong but lacked substance. Stephanie tried to poke holes into the friendship of Bayley and Sasha’s. The Sasha Banks vs Charlotte match was lousy and way to fast with a random cameo from Dana Brooke, they were trying to do what they did last year when Bayley won the Raw’s Women Championship. But, this time it was sloppy. Dana wasn’t even into the segment.

The Diamond Dallas Page Hall of Fame segment was really cool, I’m happy to see WWE being nostalgic with WCW moments. Sometimes that nostalgia is needed in today’s WWE landscape.

You can tell that Sami Zayn is surely, going to be a main event player after Wrestlemania. Samoa Joe’s appearance on Raw is always welcomed. Samoa Joe vs Sami Zayn is going to be awesome. We’ll see if they will wrestle at Fastlane, next month.

Ivan Koloff passed away during the weekend and they barely spoke about it. But, they did a memorial for George “The Animal” Steele, that included Kevin Hart and David Arquette? I disagreed with that but it was very cool to see Steele get the much-needed recognition he deserved. I wished Koloff had a tribute like Steele did.

Stephanie then argued with Mick Foley, backstage about her actions earlier that night with Sasha and Bayley. She then, threatened Mick. Which might be a signal of Triple H coming back to take out Mick.

Then, the Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman interview was awesome. They threatened Owens and Goldberg which was really cool to see. This, adds another part of this big story surrounding Kevin Owens.

The Main Event:

No one expected Big Show and Braun Strowman to have the match of the night but it was really good. The story of the match was power vs power. But, Braun dominated the entire match. Big Show sold like a champ. Making Strowman look even better. Strowman won with a running powerslam. Then, Roman Reigns ran out and attacked Strowman. Hitting Strowman with 2 superman punches to get Strowman down and Roman went for a spear but, Strowman caught Roman with a sudden dropkick and hit a running powerslam on Roman. Which made Strowman look super strong and that is excellent.

Although, this week’s Raw was weak there was a lot strong points in it. Such, as the opening segment with Kevin Owens, to the Brock Lesnar promo and then, the unexpected good main event between Big Show and Braun Strowman. Hoping, for next week’s edition will be better.

Thank you for reading this review of Monday Night RAW, I’ll probably do a review of WWE Smackdown and 205 Live. Then, one Wednesday a review of WWE NXT and then on Thursday I will review the Cavalier game against the Knicks on Friday.

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