“He’s not broken enough,” she said quietly while observing him from afar. “I want to be with a man who has been broken — maybe more than once.” She took a sip of her tea and continued. “A man with an unbroken heart cannot give a woman a happy marriage, for marriage breathes passion in which he is unfamiliar.” She stared out the window, greeting her once broken memories with wisdom and appreciation. “An unbroken man has the ability to make you laugh, but he will never truly cherish you, for he has nothing to fear. He does not fear losing you for he has never known the loss of a fantastic love. He has nothing to fear for he has never been haunted by amorous memories from which he cannot escape. He will see your tears and hand you a tissue. A once broken man man will see your tears, smile affectionately, chuckle at your innocence, then softly wipe them from your cheeks, taking your sorrow with his own hand.

He’s not afraid. He has been here before.”

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