Jeff Jarvis

Get over yourself you bloviating control freak. Quasi Twitter fame, self-proclaimed techno-know, and vapid semi-semiotic proclamations signify you as an apt object for satire. Vacillating between aphoristic and servile, your voice is insufficiently distinct to be recognizably parodied without the affiliation of your name. Thus your parodist had to reference you to establish a baseline from which to riff. This insincere imitation clearly fails to flatter, especially as the copyist clearly surpasses the skill of the copied.

Pretending that the Esquire article is not plainly satirical: “And should we deploy a Hellfire missile at the house or not? Cast your votes!” is really either career-threateningly thick, or willfully self-aggrandizing. No matter what your mom said, you are not that funny Jeff.

The croc tears are shameful. Grubbing for the sympathy of your acolytes by pretending to champion free speech, claiming victimhood when you were the one who sought the spotlight as a cognoscente; All patronizing demagoguery. Get thee to a journalism school…

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